At Love Hangover we are committed to maintaining a safe environment for all in attendance.

We have designed our festival site to enable you to socialize safely within your groups of friends, maintain social distancing from others and be alert to the risks of Covid-19, while remaining part of the overall festival atmosphere of Love Hangover.

We are one community responsible for each other. For your reassurance, we have listed below the carefully constructed safety measures that we have put in place. In collaboration with our measures, we ask that you please make yourself aware, act in a responsible manner and respect those around you at all times.

Let’s help each other bring music and dancing back into our lives safely.

We are committed to the following Covid-19 safety measures:

We will have a Covid-19 safety specialist on site, who will implement, monitor and constantly seek to improve our systems throughout the event.

We have all the details of the people attending the event through our ticket agency and they are checked as people enter. This will enable us to track and trace efficiently, should we need to.

There will be a well-ordered, staggered arrival system, with 2m of distance between groups at all times.

Our main bar area will have a perspex between the staff and the customers whilst drink is being served and this is operated on a one way queuing system with 2m distancing between customers. Cash is accepted on our bars BUT we have several PDQ machines and openly encourage contactless payments.

All Love Hangover staff – cleaners, hosts, management and security are trained on every aspect of our Covid-19 safety operation and their responsibilities in enforcing it.

All Love Hangover staff will wear adequate PPE at all times and follow all guidance on Covid-19 news and how to travel safely.

We have a huge space over the whole festival site making social distancing very easy to accommodate.

All of the site’s portaloos will be spaced 2m between each with 2m floor markings for anyone waiting. Each portaloo represents an individual cubicle, with individual sinks and disinfectant wipes. There will be a dedicated cleaning team for these.

We have picnic benches and pallet seating areas to accommodate 400 and many also have their own blankets and furniture etc. All benches and furniture will be cleaned between uses.

DJ booths will be cleaned between uses.

Each evening as the outdoor areas close, the picnic tables will be moved into the later marquee tents.

Our Marquees will be at least 65% open sided with the only enclosed areas to assist in the maintaining of music level restrictions.

The Marquees are twice the size that we normally have for this amount of people, enabling large amounts of excess space in each to maintain social distancing.

There will be floor markings spaced correctly in the marquees, giving indications of where people can dance whilst still staying at a safe and social distance.

Signs will be placed throughout the site, reminding people of their responsibilities of social distancing and the washing of hands.

Cleaning and litter picking crews will be in operation for the whole duration, making sure all tables are constantly cleaned and sanitized.

All our campsite pitches will have enough space between them to maintain social distancing measures.

Sanitizer stations will be placed in the campsite facility area and various other locations throughout the site. They will be maintained and stocked 24/7.

Love Hangover management will deal with any instances of anti-social behaviour effectively and safely to protect all on site.

Personal face coverings will be available to customers on site.

Our priority is to maintain a safe and enjoyable festival atmosphere for all to enjoy.

The Love Hangover Team ❤️